TimeShareFriends is your Social Networking for Leisure. Our brand should be interpreted as "share time and become friends".

TimeShareFriends is a web app to meet people who share the same leisure interests as you on campuses, neighborhoods and while on vacations. You can also discover and meet who share the same COMBINATION of interests individually or in family.

Our search page allows you to find people by what they like to do, cities they live, college, work, age, age of family members, cities they would like to visit, resorts they prefer and even who will be or are vacationing in the same place as you are now.

Imagine your kind of people… There are many chances they have a combination of same leisure interests, similar age, work in the same industry or even have kids with the similar age as yours. What about if they live close or are taking vacations at the same place? Would you like to meet them in person? Well, it is not so easy. When you gather with others based on one unique leisure interest, it is difficult to find within that group who share the other leisure interests you have.

In addition, the way our cities are designed and the increase of our digital lives are affecting how we meet others in person. We are losing the personal touch and it is becoming more difficult to create lasting relationships. We are also working too much, even though knowing the benefits of taking leisure time off to become more productive. It is a struggle when you move to a new area, travel, enroll in a club, gym or even university to quickly find your kind of people.

Like romantic love, friendships were thought to "just happen". We at TimeShareFriends believe it can be different and saving ourselves
time and energy to efficiently 'find your next best friends' can't hurt. To meet others, there is nothing better than starting by sharing the same leisure interests!

Is it Free of Charge to Sign Up?

Yes, it is free of charge to register, create your profile, find other users and receive messages.

What is the minimum age to Sign Up and use the service?

You must be at least 18 years old to use our services.

How do I Send Messages or Participate in Groups?

In order to send messages or participate in groups, you might need to become a Member. We might grant you free membership at any time for any reasons without notice. The price for membership, if charged, is $9.99 for 6 months of subscription , and gives you unlimited access to all features available only to Members.
Emails and Phone numbers are hidden from any communications to protect your privacy, lead to an increase in the number of Members and stimulate personal meetings.

How Should I Create my Profile in TimeShareFriends?

You should provide as much information we request as possible, this will allow others to find your profile easier or evaluate better your proposal to meet personally.

How do I Search People or Groups?

As much as you filter, more chances you have to find people that share the same combination of interests as you. On the other hand, our database is growing, so give it a chance to connect with people with diverse profiles and interests by not filtering too much your search. Visit the website repeatedly as the network grows, incrising your chances to find interesting people that recently signed up.


If you believe in our our mission and values, please donate to support us:

How Can I Delete my Profile?

Please send your request to Support@TimeShareFriends.com. Provide the reason you would like to delete your profile in order to assist us in improving our services.

What Do I Do if I Come Across an Inappropriate Profile?

If you encounter an inappropriate profile, please send us an email to Support@TimeShareFriends.com, your privacy will be kept always. On top of that, we periodically review all content posted to ensure our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are been respected. As a reminder, our website is only to be used by people over 18 years old. We also recommend, as a safety precaution, to first meet in public spaces and not to share personal contact details with other users until you get to know them better.

How do We Protect Data?

We believe the best strategy against privacy security is having nothing to hide! That is why the information we obtain from our users are intended to be as public as possible and we expect our users to realize about that. However, we still use strong security systems to certify what you see on our platform is really from our servers and users. TimeShareFriends ensures this, protects your privacy and protects the website from data breaches in many ways, such as:
Last Name is hidden from other Users and Members
At this point, we do not collect your phone nor address
TimeShareFriends is password-protected
We will never share your email address with non-related parties
We use SSL certificates to encrypt information
We do not have access to your full credit card numbers, which are protected by a third party payment processor, plus we periodically and independently review all transactions