About Us

TimeShareFriends is a social networking to discover greater leisure friends!

When we socialize, it is not easy to find who has similar demographics and also share the other leisure interests we have. Often,
people meet based on a single leisure interest and we believe that it is not enough to sustain a lively long-term friendship.

To meet others, there is nothing better than start by sharing the same demographics and leisure interests. However,
this is not that easy as it appears and other social networks do not help you to achieve that the way we do.

The search page in our web app is used to discover people in many ways such as by:



Combination of leisure

they will be or are staying at
when traveling



Events they are
going to

Age of children if any

they live

And more!

Is it Free to Sign Up?

Yes, it is free to register, create your profile, find other users and receive messages. It is open to everyone, as long as you are at least 18 years old. We invite you to create your profile,
try it for free and share it in Facebook.

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Send Messages or Participate in Groups?

In order to send messages or participate in group communications, you might need to become a member. We might grant you a limited-time free membership at any time and without notice per our discretion. The price for membership, only when charged, is $9.99 for 6 months of subscription, and gives you unlimited access to all features available only to members. Also, companies might grant you free memberships as an incentive to participate. Since our platform was designed not to have many advertisements, we count with your membership.

Tips Creating your Profile

You should provide as much information we request as possible, including your picture. This will allow others to find your profile or evaluate better your proposal to meet.

Tips Searching People or Groups

You can apply many filters to find people that share the same combination of leisure interests as you, but on the other hand, our database is growing, so give it a chance to connect with people with diverse profiles and interests by not filtering too much your search. Visit the website repeatedly as the network grows to find interesting people that recently signed up.

How do We Protect Data?

We believe the best strategy against privacy security is having nothing to hide! That is why the information we obtain from our users is intended to be as public as possible and we expect our users and partners to realize that.

However, we still use strong security systems to certify our data is safeguarded and that what you see on our platform is really from our servers and users. TimeShareFriends ensures this, protects your privacy and protects the website from data breaches in many ways, such as:

  • Last Name is hidden from other Users and Members
  • At this point, we do not collect your phone nor address
  • TimeShareFriends is password-protected
  • We will never share your email address with non-related parties or parties that would cause a conflict of interests
  • We use SSL certificates to encrypt information
  • We do not have access to your full credit card numbers, which are protected by a third-party payment processor, plus we periodically and independently review all transactions
How Can I Delete my Profile?

Please send your request to Support@TimeShareFriends.com. Provide the reason you would like to delete your profile in order to assist us in improving our services.

Content Moderation

If you encounter an inappropriate profile or content, please send us an email to Support@TimeShareFriends.com, your privacy will be kept always. On top of that, we periodically review all content posted to ensure our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are been respected. As a reminder, our website is only to be used by people over 18 years old. We also recommend, as a safety precaution, to first meet in public spaces and not to share personal contact details with other users until you get to know them better.

Partner Promotores

If you want to promote TimeShareFriends among your residents, guests or members, please contact us at Support@TimeShareFriends.com. We will send to your locations free table tents that can be placed at locations of your preference. We are open to discuss any other arrangements such as coordinate email communications, changes to the platform, etc.

TimeShareFriends is also an innovative social networking for your property that can: improve guest satisfaction by allowing more customer-to-customer value co-creation, help to attract and retain younger generations, create a sense of community and ultimately sustain increases in occupancy and ancillary revenues. It can even be used to better shape leisure offers and personalize stays if desired.

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